What’s in a name?

Sometimes Leadership is about letting the team have its way. 

DK Sabharwal  asked for comments on the issue of what to name a new business. His employees wanted to name the business “1905AD” in honor of their hero, Albert Einstein.

Most repondents gave thoughtful suggestions for alternative names, because they felt that DK’s target market wouldn’t understand the 1905AD reference – to Einstein’s “Miracle Year”. (Truth in publishing; thank goodness for Google!)

However, of the 14 businesses represented in previous responses, only ONE name gave any clue as to the nature of the business’s products or services. I understood NY Transit, but the rest …? Even our name,  “ArnzenGroup”, only credentials us with people who know Breck.

I advised DK to go with the team’s energy, and use the name the team found exciting. The added bonus is of course that the first thing anyone will ask is … what does that name mean? 

Here’s the original conversation.

In a week in which the sports pages have been dominated by talk of coaches overcoming team insurrections at the World Cup, what situations have YOU been in lately where going with the team’s energy seemed to be the right thing to do?

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About Mick Verran

I consult, coach, facilitate and train, supporting companies as they execute growth strategies and leaders as they improve their personal effectiveness.
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