What are the foundations of “belonging”?

Brenda Neckvatal asked what steps people are taking to help offsite employees feel like they are part of the team. An astonishing number of people responded – I guess this is a common challenge. There were lots of creative ideas amongst the responses that are well worth reading.

Regular phone calls and rah-rah sessions are fine, but in my experience people often feel “remote” from the team with whom they share an office. The foundations of real commitment are a deep understanding of the goals and contribution of the team, and the value of membership of the team in terms meaningful to each person. Creating that sense of belonging is the first, and often most challenging, step.  

Here’s the original conversation.

What do YOU think? Can you feel a sense of commitment to a team whose goals you don’t buy into?  Does commitment to a team develop from anything more than enlightened self-interest?

Please join the discussion by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

About Mick Verran

I consult, coach, facilitate and train, supporting companies as they execute growth strategies and leaders as they improve their personal effectiveness.
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