Which management style leads to greater productivity?

Marcus Cage asked whether an autocratic or democratic management style leads to greater productivity. I was surprised that over half the respondents thus far have made a choice.

I told Marcus there is unlikely to be a straightforward answer, if the enormous list of books on management and leadership style on Amazon is anything to go by. 

There are plenty of effective models for understanding different leadership styles, and many useful resources for helping leaders understand their own styles and preferences. But even leaders who are able to flex their approach often still struggle with which style to lead with in a particular situation. And the answer to THAT question starts not with the leader, but the led, and what they need to reach greater levels of achievement.

I think Hersey and Blanchard’s work on Situational Leadership is still the simplest and most actionable explanation of how to adjust the direction and support a leader should provide, based on the demands of the situation and the needs of the employee. 12Manage has a short overview – the site itself is a great resource you’ll want to bookmark.

Here’s the original conversation. I’m sure it’s going to continue for a while.

The next question must be – what other management or leadership factors do YOU think have a significant impact on productivity?

Please join the discussion by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

About Mick Verran

I consult, coach, facilitate and train, supporting companies as they execute growth strategies and leaders as they improve their personal effectiveness.
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