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What is the most important “career skill”?

Peter Newfield asked what is the most important skill you can build to help your career. 59 people responded – clearly something EVERYONE has an opinion on! Here’s the abbreviated list, in no particular order; critical thinking, decision-making problem solving acting consistent with … Continue reading

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Are “learning styles” important?

Terry Wilcox asked whether LinkedIn members believe in “learning styles”. Lots of responses to this one, with many people reflecting on the combination of factors that influence whether someone learns. I’m ok with “learning styles”, but I’ve found it to be … Continue reading

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Can HR be a route to the top?

Balaji Hari Rao asked whether an HR person can rise to the top of a business that is not in the HR field. Apparently this is a question that crops up pretty regularly on LinkedIn; perhaps because there are over 335,000 members … Continue reading

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What does the future of work look like?

Jennifer Cotterill asked what people expect to be the key changes/trends in working patterns in the next 10 years. Respondents gave some really interesting insights, all around the themes of technology, flexibility and demographics. I see many of their predictions as the harbingers … Continue reading

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Why the long break?

This summer & fall I explored some of the more mainstream social media. I tried a couple of anonymous blogs for a couple of weeks; I tweeted on a broad range of issues no one but I seemed to find … Continue reading

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