What is the most important “career skill”?

Peter Newfield asked what is the most important skill you can build to help your career. 59 people responded – clearly something EVERYONE has an opinion on! Here’s the abbreviated list, in no particular order;

  • critical thinking, decision-making problem solving
  • acting consistent with one’s values
  • adaptability, willingness to change, versatility, willingness to learn
  • interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, empathy, politeness, getting along with people
  • building relationships, networking
  • focus, results orientation, discipline
  • financial management
  • leadership, team motivation
  • openness to differences,tolerance, harmony
  • readiness for new opportunities
  • inquisitiveness
  • honesty
  • vision
  • passion
  • team spirit
  • ride out politics
  • asking the right questions, listening
  • communication, public speaking, writing
  • creativity
  • negotiation skills
  • technical skills
  • humility
  • speed and accuracy
  • resolve, will, perseverance
  • fearlessness, courage
  • self knowledge, remaining true to oneself
  • self belief, great self image
  • commitment, responsibility, work ethic
  • patience, faith

Here’s the original conversation.

As someone who has never had conventional career aspirations, I’d say that the ability to select a great boss, and an openess to new opportunities, have helped me the most.

Your turn. Which skill has helped YOU the most in your career? 

Please join the discussion by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

About Mick Verran

I consult, coach, facilitate and train, supporting companies as they execute growth strategies and leaders as they improve their personal effectiveness.
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